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+ Free Butter/Oil

Ever look at yourself and think “daa..amn! I am bright like the morning Sun! Na, you’re not proud you just take care of yourself. However, product lines are always trying to ruin your skin by selling you whitening products that tamper with your skin cells in the name of beauty products. This product was created to accentuate your natural glow and oil secretion levels. Kindly read and follow the instructions in your product package

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2 reviews for Light Skin Glow

  1. Oyebamiji Diana

    I liked that using Alatural took my skin through a journey, it’s not an instant lightening soap like most products with chemicals. The changes were gradual but consistent. Firstly I noticed my skin became a uniform colour for the first time in my life, no more dark elbows, knees and knuckles and then came the glow all my pictures started to look like I use filter and I don’t. I recommend this product with my full chest for anyone who’s willing to go through the process of having a flawless skin.✌️

    • Grandmas Secrets

      It is the full-chested review o! With our full chest. Glad you love our product, Diana

  2. Tabitha

    When I started using this soap, I noticed my skin doesn’t get dry fast as it used to. It always look like I added little oil to my skin after bathing with this soap and it also helps brighten my skin. This soap is really for lazy people because my sis uses only this soap at my back and her body glows!! I had to buy one for her because she kept using out of mine. I recommend this soap for everyone!!

    • Grandmas Secrets

      Do you need one more sister, please?

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