Butter Skin Soap

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+ Free Butter/Oil

This is for people who have dry skin and tend to look like their skin is constantly cracking. The butter soap is created to not dehydrate your skin like regular soap but instead, feed it with oil and lock that in your skin all day long. Top this with the prescribed body oils and butter and you will almost look edible.

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1 review for Butter Skin Soap

  1. Adeola Shyne

    My face is the real lab for testing mosturizer soaps, especially . When I came across Alatural, I found it amusing because it was a black soap and there was no way it could pass as a moisturizer.
    To my surprise it worked perfectly well for my face; and of course the rest of my body. I survived the harmattan period well. The soap makes good sense

    • Grandmas Secrets

      YES! The type of surprise we like to give our clients. Thank you for the feedback

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